Jacqueline Humphries in Whitney Biennial


March 7, 2014 - May 25, 2014

Jungle Press artist Jacqueline Humphries is featured in this year's Whitney Biennial now on view until May 25, 2014. 
As the artist relates to Cecily Brown in Bomb magazine:

"What fascinates me is how little I can control their behavior in new situations. An image will coalesce and then disintegrate, giving way to another reading that sort of comes out of the background. To me some parts of a painting appear as if you’re looking down at them from an airplane window; others might evoke something that you’re very close to which is out of focus, and maybe this is interlaced with forms that feel very distant, and crisper. The objective is to knit wildly varying perspectives into a unified space. Because of the way light reacts to the metallic paint, the paintings change as your physical relationship to them changes." -Bomb 107 Spring 2009

Jacqueline's prints from Jungle Press appear on her artist page. 

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